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Regulations & Elections (Scroll down to to next Section of this page for Election Results) 

The Peninsula Community Planning Board operates under the authority of the Ralph M. Brown Act which requires that meetings of the planning board are open and accessible to the public. In addition, Council Policy 600-24 "Standard Operating Procedures and Responsibilities of Recognized Community Planning Groups" and the PCPB bylaws govern the operations of the planning board. Several provisions of the bylaws constitute Brown Act requirements as outlined in the Policy. Amendments to Council Policy 600-24 will apply to the Peninsula Community Planning Board, even if individual boards’ bylaws are not required to be amended with parallel language.

In addition, the Administrative Guidelines provide explanations of the Policy's minimum standard operating procedures and responsibilities of this planning board. The latest version of Robert's Rules of Order is used when the Policy, the Administrative Guidelines, and the bylaws do not address an area of concern or interest.

Referenced Documents

Elections (Scroll down for Results)

2021 Ballot and Verification Form Download Printable Ballot - Download Printable Voter Verification Form - Print both forms
Information on voting procedure is found on the Ballot, Verification Form, Press Release and below Yellow box
2021 Board Election Press Release 2021 PCPB Candidate Application (Filing period closed 3/4/21 at 5:00pm)
2021 Candidates Forum 3/4/21, 6pm-7:30pm - Notice/Agenda Zoom Meeting Replay - Forum Chat - Forum Audio 98MB)
Election Committee Meeting
Fri. Feb. 12, 2021 at 4pm via Zoom
Agenda - Replay of Zoom meeting
Candidate for 2021 Board Positions
(644  Total Ballots)
3/18/21 Results
Years on Elected Term
Fred Kosmo 381
3 Years expires 2024
Joe Holasek 357
3 Years expires 2024
Robert Tripp Jackson 351
3 Years expires 2024
Matt Schalles 290
3 Years expires 2024
Sam Laub 256
3 Years expires 2024
Paul Webb 250
2 Years expires 2023
Angela Vedder 230
2 Years expires 2023
Nicole Burgess 224
2 Years expires 2023
Mandy Havlik 195
2 Years expires 2023
Don Sevrens 188
2 Years expires 2023
Tina-Marie Compton 184
1 Year expires 2022
Leah Schaperow 161

David Bock  155

Lucky Morrison  148

Margaret Cook  134

Jesse Benson 121

The PCPB 2021 Board Election conducted its election on Thursday, March 18, 2021.. 
Please read 2021 Election Press Release for full details
The voting process during the pandemic is under the guidance of the City of San Diego.

In a departure from past PCPB election practices, however, and in recognition of the need to limit person-to-person contact or the sort of crowded polling places typical of past elections, this year voting will be exclusively by ballots mailed-in by voters or deposited into a monitored ballot drop box located at one or more yet-be-determined locations in the Peninsula area - one of which has been tentatively planned for the parking lot at the Point Loma Hervey Family Library. Once those drop box locations are finalized, they will be published on this webpage along with other voting and election details as they develop and are implemented.

Mailed ballots must be received by 6:00 p.m. on March 18, 2021. Any ballots received after that date and time, regardless of when postmarked, will not be counted. Any voter planning to cast a ballot by mail is encouraged to place their ballot in the mail early enough to allow timely delivery. Votes for write-in candidates will not be allowed in this election.

Eligible voters are limited to persons at least 18 years of age who either reside, own property or operate a business within the geographic area subject to the Peninsula Community Plan. The boundaries of the planning area can be found here.

In a further departure from past PCPB election practices, rather than being required to present physical evidence of eligibility at the time they cast their votes, such as drivers licenses or utility bills, voters will be required to "self-verify" their eligibility to vote. In order to self-verify their eligibility, each voter will be required to submit a separate signed Statement of Voter Eligibility that will be used solely for the purpose of verification of eligibility and will be separate from cast ballots. More details on voting in Press Release.

There are eleven open seats for the Peninsula Community Planning Board this election. Since last year's election did not take place due to Covid-19, there are:

  • Five seats for a three year term
  • Five seats for a two year term
  • One seat for a one-year term due to a vacancy.
Ballots will be counted starting at 6pm on March 18 and results are expected to be announced later that evening.

The Candidate Forum will be held via Zoom Thursday, March 4, 2021 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. Reservation link will be posted on this page several days prior.
The deadline for application for Board positions is Thursday, March 4, 2021 by 5:00pm.

PCPB Board Application

Requirements for those interested in becoming a Board Member, (Candidates must show proof to be eligible):

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age.
  • Candidates must reside, own property, or operate a business within the PCPB boundaries (boundaries map provided at www.pcpb.net).
  • Candidates must have attended one regular PCPB meeting within the previous 12-month term. Attending the candidates forum qualifies for this requirement.
2021 Candidate Applications received to date (Alpha order): Filing period has closed

Jesse Benson
David Bock Nicole Burgess Tina-Marie Compton
Margaret Cook Mandy Havlik Joe Holasek Robert Tripp Jackson
Fred Kosmo Sam Laub Lucky Morrison Matt Schalles
Leah Schaperow Don Sevrens Angela Vedder Paul Webb

Election Challenges 

Challenges to the election shall be made to the Elections Subcommittee chair within 48 hours of the election. See PCPB bylaws for complete rules and regulations regarding challenges.

Board term expiration dates
(Elections are held in March)

Term expires 2022 Term expires in 2023 Term expires in 2024
Korla Eaquinta
Brad Herrin
Eva Schmitt
Margaret Virissimo
Tina-Marie Compton
Nicole Burgess
Mandy Havlik
Don Sevrens
Angela Vedder
Paul Webb
Joe Holasek
Fred Kosmo
Sam Laub
Matt Schalles
Robert Tripp-Jackson

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