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Regulations & Elections

The Peninsula Community Planning Board operates under the authority of the Ralph M. Brown Act which requires that meetings of the planning board are open and accessible to the public. In addition, Council Policy 600-24 "Standard Operating Procedures and Responsibilities of Recognized Community Planning Groups" and the PCPB bylaws govern the operations of the planning board. Several provisions of the bylaws constitute Brown Act requirements as outlined in the Policy. Amendments to Council Policy 600-24 will apply to the Peninsula Community Planning Board, even if individual boards’ bylaws are not required to be amended with parallel language.

In addition, the Administrative Guidelines provide explanations of the Policy's minimum standard operating procedures and responsibilities of this planning board. The latest version of Robert's Rules of Order is used when the Policy, the Administrative Guidelines, and the bylaws do not address an area of concern or interest.

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The Peninsula Community Planning Board (PCPB) holds its annual election on the third Thursday of March. This general election fills five (5) expiring Board seats for three (3) year terms on the PCPB. In addition, vacancy(ies) on the PCPB Board for remaining partial terms may also be filled.

An ad hoc Election Committee will prepare for the March election at the beginning of each calendar year. This process will solicit candidates and announce/operate a Candidate Forum and the formal March Election.

Requirements for those interested in becoming a Board Member, (Candidates must show proof to be eligible):

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age.
  • Candidates must reside, own property, or operate a business within the PCPB boundaries (boundaries map provided at www.pcpb.net).
  • Candidates must have attended one regular PCPB meeting within the previous 12-month term. Attending the candidates forum qualifies for this requirement.

Election Challenges

Challenges to the election shall be made to the Elections Subcommittee chair within 48 hours of the election. See PCPB bylaws for complete rules and regulations regarding challenges.


Board term expiration dates
(Elections are held in March)

Term expires in 2020 Term expires in 2021 Term expires in 2022
David Dick
Jim Hare
Fred Kosmo
Lucky Morrison
Don Sevrens
Scott Deschenes
Mandy Havlik
Mark Krencik
Sarah Moga Alemany
Robert Tripp Jackson
Korla Eaquinta
Bob Goldyn
Brad Herrin
Eva Schmitt
Margaret Virissimo

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