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News, Documents and Archives
News, Documents and Archives
Annual Reports
4/19/19: PCPB 2019 Annual Report
10/23/19: November 2019 PCPB Treasurer's Report
11/21/23: Letter on Updated Voltaire Corridor Traffic Requests
11/17/23: Letter Endorsing Sunbreak Ranch Homeless Solution
11/17/23: Letter Opposing H Barracks for Use as a Homeless Shelter
10/30/23: Letter on Voltaire Corridor Improvement requests
10/30/23: Oppose Insertion of AB 2097 Impletion Language Into Housing Action Package 2.0
7/20/23: Letter to Mayor & City Councilmember requesting additional Recycle Bins in Pt. Loma
7/20/23: Letter to CA Senate Apporopriation Committee Opposing AB1449
7/3/23: Letter to Mayor & Councilmember Campbell Opposing SB-10
5/24/23: Letter to Councilmember Campbell on Housing Action Plan 2.0
5/24/23: Letter of Support for Point Loma Summer Concerts
5/24/23: Letter to Councilmember Campbell on Voltaire Corridor Safety
5/24/23: Letter to Mayor & Councilmember Campbell on Rock Church Cell Towers
1/27/23: Letter to Councilmember Campbell on Nimtz right turn ramp to W. PL Blvd
1/27/23: Letter to Councilmember Campbell on FY 2024 Budget Recommendations
12/27/22: Letter to Councilmember Campbell - Voltaire Stop Sign
12/27/22: Letter to Councilmember Campbell - Nimitz and Rosecrans Intersection Review
12/27/22: Letter to Councilmember Campbell - PBPC Budget Recommendations
9/29/22: Letter of Support for Chatsworth Crosswalk at Plumosa Park
5/2/22: Letter of Support for Point Loma Summer Concerts
3/28/22: Letter on Improved Street Sweeping Signage and Enforcement
2/28/22: Letter on Request to Install Night Parking restrictions on Sunset Cliffs Blvd
2/28/22: Letter on Sunset Cliffs Blvd Drainage Issues
2/2/22: Letter on Proposed Revisions to Land Development Code Section 141.0302(b)(2)(G)
11/29/21: Letter on Nimitz Bike Lanes
11/29/21: Letter on Newport Palm Tree Removal
11/29/21: Letter on Catalina/Hill/Santa Barbara intersection
11/29/21: Letter on Froude Corridor Speed and Safety
11/4/21: Letter on Pediatrician safety crossing Rosecrans and Scott
9/20/21: Letter on Canon St Pocket Park  - Chronology of Pocket Park
7/23/21: Letter to San Diego Regional Airport Authority on SDIA Terminal 1 Draft Environmental Assessment
7/1/21: Letter to Mayor Re Bylaw Amendment to make Environmental Committee Permanent
7/1/21: Letter for Proposed Bicycle Route Designation to/from Liberty Station
6/11/21: Letter of Support for Historical Designation of Kutzke home at 952 Rosecrans St
2/19/21: Letter of Support for Parks and Recreation Coalition (PARC) on Improved Parks Master Plan
2/19/21: Proposed Amendments to the Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance
2/1/21: Letter of Support for Pt. Loma Rec. Advisory Board on Famosa Canyon/Site 428
2/1/21: Letter of Support for 4-Way Stop sign at Froude and Cape May
9/30/20: Letter of Support for Healthy Neighborhoods Tree Planting Initiative
7/1/20: Councilmember Campbell Short Term Vacation Rental Proposal
7/1/20:Councilmember Campbell's letter on STVRs
7/9/20: Community Planners Committee Rejects "Complete Communities" Plan
7/9/20: Community Planners Committee Opposition to State Zoning Mandates
4/6/20: Temporary Amendment of Council Policy 600-24 due COVID-19 Emergency
3/25/20: Attention: Community Planning Group Chairs and Vice Chairs - Meetings and COVID-19
3/13/20: Attention: Community Planning Group Chairs and Vice Chairs - Meetings and COVID-19
8/29/19: SDHC RFP for Potential Real Estate Development on Site 428 (Famosa/Nimitz)
7/2/19: Feasibility Study for Affordable Housing on lot bounded by Famosa and Nimitz
6/25/19: Status Update from Todd Gloria on SB330 "Housing Crisis Act of 2019"
1/18/19: SD City Attorney letter on Lease of North Chapel and NTC Foundation
1/15/19: SD Housing Commission Geological/Seismic Studies at Famosa/Nimitz Starts 1/22/19
12/14/18: SD City Auditor - Summary, Performance Audit of Commuinity Planning Groups
12/14/18: SD City Auditor - Performance Audit of Commuinity Planning Groups
10/11/18: City of SD Response to Grand Jury Report on SD City Community Planning Groups
12/6/18: Naval Training Center North Chapel Future
12/3/18: Mayor Faulconer letter on NTC North Chapel
12/3/18: Pendulum Properties Parners purchase at Liberty Station

Sept 2016: Planning Commission Hearing - 30' height limit, Hearing 9/22/16

Board Approved Documents and Letters
10/15/20: PCPB Letter, Support for Law Enforcement Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
10/15/20: PCPB Letter, Support Traffic Mitigation at Chatsworth Blvd and Plumosa Dr
10/15/20: PCPB Letter, Proposed Closure of Del Monte/Guizot Cul Du Sac
1/22/20: PCPB Letter, Liberty Station - Proposed Modification to North Chapel
11/21/19: PCPB Letter on Safe Routes to School for Famosa Blvd.
10/17/19: PCPB Letter Response San Diego International Airport DEIR of Airport Development Plan
8/28/19: PCPB Letter on Analysis of SDHC Site 428
7/18/19: Peticide & Herbicide Us in Parks and Playgrounds
4/19/19: Letter to Councimember Campbell, Long Range Planning Letter Renewing Positions/Requests
4/19/19: Letter of Support for OB Mainstreet on Sleeping in vehicles
4/18/19: I-8 Terminus bike lane re-striping
3/21/19: PCPB letter of support for Point Loma Summer Concerts
3/21/19: PCPB letter of support for Dedicated Children's Play Area Ordinance
2/21/19: PCPB Letter to Mayor/Council regarding Liberty Station Lease Transfer
1/17/19: PCPB letter of support for Patriots Half Marathon in October 2019
7/19/18: Letter to Councilmember Zapf on Need for Work Force Housing on the Peninsula
6/21/18: Letter to Rescind Peninsula Affordable/Work Force Housing Letter of 6/17
6/7/18 Informational: Peninsula Impact Fee Study 2018 - City Memo on 2019 Penisula Impact Fee Study
6/7/18: Letter to Mayor Faulconer on potential changes to NTC North Chapel Uses
5/23/18: Peninsula FY18 Draft Impact Fee Study - PCPB Prioities
2/15/18: Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Update Draft Program EIR
2/15/18: Roseville Height and Bulk CPIOZ Proposal
1/18/18: Voltaire and Froude Traffic/Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety
1/18/18: Five Dangerous Intersections
12/6/17: Incentive Based Zoning Proposal
11/17/17: Map Waiver Process for Multifamily Projects
11/16/17: Continuation of Airport ANAC SubCommittee
10/23/17: Letter to Councilmember Zapf Supporting Lot Parcel Consolidation
7/20/17: Planning Area Boundary Projects Policy Proposal
6/15/17: Letter to Councilmember Zapf on Need of Affordable / Work Force Housing
6/15/17: Coastal Height Limit Letter to Coastal Commission
11/18/16: PCPB letter to City of SD on PLHS Whole Site Moderization Project
9/1/16: Letter to Mayor Faulconer on 3144 Emerson Street Construction Project
U.S. Border Patrol Info on Indicators of Maritime Criminal Activity & Reporting Contact

San Diego Unified Enviromental Review of PLHS lights

PLHS Draft Environmental Report on Site Moderization
NOP EIR PLHS Whole Site Moderization/Athletic Facility Upgrades
PCPB Stance on 10th Update to Land Development Code
Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance (Oversized Vehicles) is now in effect. Read it Here


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